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Following a busy Halloween weekend filled with hundreds of rowdy and aggressive partygoers at UVic, the university has announced steps to increase their on-campus security measures. 

Video footage of the crowds taken last weekend show hundreds of people gathered chanting and yelling, and openly drinking as fireworks were set off.

Fireworks were also set off into the crowd of partygoers on several occasions causing the large group of people to scatter at once.

Saanich Police Const. Markus Anastasiades said officers in a police cruiser were also surrounded by a mob, and there were several intoxicated, underage youth who required medical attention by police and paramedics.

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“We’ve never seen this amount of people and disorderly behaviour in previous years,” said Thomas Downie, director of Campus Security Services at UVic. 

“Our campus, in particular the residence spaces, are where our students live and study and they need to feel safe.”

As a result, the university is stepping up enforcement on the weekends to prevent a similar incident. 

Since September, UVic Campus Security has increased the number of weekend staff on duty as well as employed special duty Saanich police officers to assist with managing crowds. 

These efforts, however, were not enough to deter or control the increasing size of outdoor crowds. 

Starting November 5th, Saanich police will have an increased presence on university grounds near the residence along with Campus Security. 

In addition, multiple Impaired Driving Counter Attack check stops will be implemented near campus to prevent drinking and driving. 

Saanich police and UVic Campus security will also be working to prevent large crowds before they can form, by approaching groups to determine whether or not they are UVic students. 

Those who are not UVic students will be asked to leave. 

Saanich police will continue to ticket for offences such as open alcohol and underage drinking. Criminal charges for offences such as destruction of UVic property may also be laid if appropriate. 

“The university is not taking these steps lightly, but they are necessary to address a dangerous trend that is putting people at risk,” said Downie.

“We hope these measures will allow our campus to return as soon as possible to a safe and welcoming environment both day and night.”

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