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Vancouver comedian Ed Hill brings the laughs to Victoria’s Duke Saloon next month


Are you ready to laugh Victoria? 

Vancouver comedian Ed Hill is bringing his comedic stylings to Vancouver Island, with a show downtown Victoria next month.

His new tour, with a stop at Victoria’s very own Duke Saloon, is a follow up to his first ever comedy special, “Candy and Smiley”

The special, which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime and Apple TV, was named  “Top 10 Comedy Specials of 2021” by Paste Magazine.

Hill is the first comedian of Taiwanese-Canada descent to release a full one hour comedy special.

However, the special’s production was almost halted when COVID-19 locked down the world two weeks prior to filming. 

Instead of giving up on sharing his story, Hill altered the delivery. 

The feature, “Candy and Smiley”, titled after his parents, includes Hill surrounded by his closest friends and family in a sharing circle. 

“The special is both an exploration of who I am as a Taiwanese-Canadian,” Hill said “and also a journey of acceptance that I am neither my father nor my mother, but a synthesis of both of them.”

Hill discovered his comedic talent in his early 20’s while attending graduate school. Having previously worked as a nightclub DJ while attending school, he figured he would give a comedy class a try, allowing him to return to the stage in a different capacity.

He tried it. The rest was history.

When asked about plans for the future of his comedy career, Hill let Victoria Buzz know he is in the process of constructing his second special. 

To make things even more exciting, the audience of his show at the Duke Saloon on December 11th will be experiencing new content that will be included in his next feature!

“The material will be a follow up to the special where I am examining my relationships to both the women in my life and my relationship with the ultimate female figure in my life: my motherland” Hill said. 

Get your tickets now!

Ed Hill

  • Where: 502 Discovery Street, The Duke Saloon
  • When: 7 p.m., Saturday, December 11th
  • Tickets: $20/each at

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