From an outdoor mural to an outdoor movie night, residents have voted for 6 projects to receive funding from the City of Victoria. 

In a release today, the City of Victoria announced six community-led projects that will receive funding as part of the municipality’s participatory budgeting initiative. 

This year, the budget theme was ‘Neighbourhood Spaces’, focusing on projects that encourage social connection and belonging, community identity and expression. 

Over 1,300 votes were cast as Victoria residents shared their opinion on which proposed projects should receive funding.

Now, voting has concluded, and six community-led projects will receive just over $54,000 to bring them to life.

Projects vary from murals and community artwork to live performances and documentaries in Victoria neighbourhoods.

The following 6 ‘Neighbourhood Spaces’ will receive funding: 

Lower Yates Mural Project

Youth living at the Lighthouse, a supportive housing project on lower Yates, will create an art piece for Waddington Alley for the wider community to enjoy.

Awarded: $6,500

Madrona Community Hub at Dockside Green

This neighbourhood project by Anne Glover will transform a neighbourhood space into a community hub. The project will include a free little library, a community notice board and a heritage marker. 

Award: $2,500

Picture Nights in Oaklands

The Oaklands Community Association is excited for their ‘Picture Nights in Oaklands’ project. The project will ask for the community vote on a film celebrating the diversity in their community as well as a family friendly film event at Oaklands Park. 

Awarded: $4,830

BIPOC Artist Billboard in Old Town/Downtown

The Victoria Art Council’s project will bring a jury of BIPOC artists, curators and community members together to choose a local BIPOC artist to create artwork on the Victoria Arts Council building.

Awarded: $5,000

Curbside Colour

The Greater Victoria Placemaking Network’s ‘Curbside Colour’ project aims to create joyful places for residents and visitors. The project will add bright, meaningful designs by Indigenous artists to two ‘traffic calming’ locations in Victoria.

Awarded: $15,750

You Are Here Pop-Up Docs

The Theatre SKAM Association’s ‘You are Here Pop-up Docs’ brings live performances featuring short documentaries, shadow plays and animated shorts to Victoria neighbourhoods. 

Awarded: $20,000

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