Electricity bills are going up!
(He Gong / Unsplash)

British Columbia is being hit hard by cold weather and snow all around the province, and the proof is in the hydro bill.

According to BC Hydro, demand hit an all-time high of 10,902 megawatts between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Monday, December 27th.

The previous record was set at 10,577 megawatts in 2020.

“The record represents the hour when demand for electricity was the highest yesterday,” says Simi Heer, BC Hydro spokesperson. “Most of the increase is likely due to additional home heating required during this cold snap.”

In addition to the peak demand record on Monday, BC Hydro there has been an increase in electricity demand since Friday, with Monday’s hourly peak demand was 18 per cent higher than Friday’s.

More snow is expected for much of BC with upward of 5 to 10 cm for most parts of Vancouver Island starting Wednesday evening.

An Extreme Weather Advisory Protocol is in effect in Victoria, with extra shelters and beds available for those who need them.

BC Hydro says the most electricity is used when customers return home from work, turning up the heat, switching on lights, and cooking and cleaning.

The company recommends avoiding cranking up the thermostat, as it doesn’t heat up a home faster than just increasing it by one or two degrees.

BC Hydro also suggests that households turn down the heat when no one is home. The utility comany recommends 16C when people are sleeping or away from home, 21C when relaxing or watching TV and 18C when doing housework or cleaning.

They also suggest draft-proofing around windows and doors in order to maximise the heat that stays in the house.


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