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A Victoria business owner’s Christmas got a whole lot better thanks to a Good Samaritan.

VicPD were able to return a large sum of money to its rightful owner after it was found on a downtown street earlier this week.

On Tuesday, December 21st,  the Good Samaritan found an envelope containing $9,000 while waiting for their friend.

They immediately brought the envelope with the cash to the VicPD headquarters on Caledonia Avenue in hopes that officers could locate the rightful owner.

“A VicPD Special Municipal Constable took the file, stored the cash for safe-keeping, and began the search for the rightful owner,” said police spokesman Bowen Osoko.

The next morning, a business owner called police to report that they had discovered they had lost an envelope containing $9,000 the previous day.

A VicPD officer made the connection between the two files and began the process of confirming rightful ownership.

“The business owner attended VicPD Headquarters this morning with documents confirming the cash was theirs,” said Osoko.

As it turns out, the Good Samaritan’s good deed saved Christmas for many as the money turned out to be Christmas bonuses for the business’ staff.

It is now back in the owner’s hands just in time for Christmas Eve.

“The return is due both to the diligent work of the VicPD Special Municipal Constables and the good Samaritan who did the right thing and turned in a substantial amount of money they discovered on a rainy, downtown Victoria street,” said Osoko.

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