When Mike Sharpe bought a copy of Nellie McClung’s ‘When Christmas Crossed the Peace’ a few years ago, he had no idea he was about to discover a piece of history. 

The avid rare and unique book collector was excited to find handwritten notes from the original owner inside the front cover, but he could have never believed what else he would find.

Inside the copy of the book, Sharpe found a 77-year-old British Columbia drivers license. The name on the driver’s license is Norman Edgar Hawes and dates back to 1944.

Sharpe had never found anything like this before.

Now, Sharpe is looking to reunite the small piece of history with the rightful owner.

Let’s make a Christmas miracle happen, Victoria!

If you think you may know the owner or their family, give us a shout at tips@victoriabuzz.com.

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