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If you’ve ever found yourself wondering out the perks of living that stubble-free life, look no further!

We’re talking about laser hair removal, of course, and when it comes down to getting into the nitty-gritty of how it actually works, many are still left wondering.

Maya Laser Clinic is a locally-owned and operated shop that specializes in, you guessed it, removing unwanted body hair.

They provide high-quality laser skin regeneration and laser hair removal services for both women and men, and pride themselves on offering a very thorough initial consultation process with their clients, which is especially important if you’re feeling unsure about any of the procedures.

“Our laser is unique to most other machines in Victoria. We use a dual platform laser that uses heat (as opposed to intense pulsing light) to destroy the hair root,” says Sahar, the clinic’s Primary Laser Technician.

“Because we use an actual laser, a successful hair removal treatment plan will only take an average of 6-8 treatments. Fast and easy!”

If you’re still feeling a little in the dark about the process of it all, we’ve compiled 7 things you need to know about getting laser hair removal in Victoria—plus a chance to win a gift card towards your own treatment at the end of the article!


The laser is so precise that it is able to selectively target and destroy those dark coarse hairs while leaving the surrounding skin unscathed.

It’s fast!

The laser pulses in one fraction of a second, treating many hairs at the same time—faster than waxing or shaving.

Skip the sun-kissed look

If you’re going to get laser hair removal treatment, it’s extremely important to stay out of the sun and away from self-tanners before each treatment. Actively suntanned skin or sunburn can cause discolouration and pain. Ouch!

Check your meds

Photo sensitive medications should not be taken 2 weeks prior to treatment. Photo-reactive compounds in these medications can damage skin cells.

Waxing removes the entire hair

… root and all! Without the root attached to the follicle, the laser has nothing to remove. This is why you should quit waxing 4-6 weeks before you begin laser treatment and avoid waxing entirely once you’ve started—waxing would render your treatment ineffective. Shaving, however, is encouraged. It leaves the root behind and leaves a clean surface for laser treatment!

Does it hurt?

According to Maya Laser Clinic, there is some pain, but for most people it’s mild and nothing more than a temporary discomfort.

“The expression temporary pain for permanent gain is quite appropriate when it comes to laser hair removal. The potential benefit of being permanently free of unwanted body or facial hair definitely outweighs any pain you may experience temporarily during your treatment.”

You can get laser hair removal done locally!

(Maya Laser Clinic)

Maya Laser Clinic is centrally located in Saanich on Quadra Street, with ample parking. You’re able to book your appointment online or by calling (250) 744-3990!


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