Thursday, June 13, 2024

BC Transit warns of bus disruptions and cancellations on Victoria routes


If you take the bus to get around town, brace for a slow go.

BC Transit warns locals of more potential service disruptions in the Victoria Regional Transit System due to an ongoing labour shortage.

Mix that in with COVID-19’s impact on staff, and the company says altered schedules are likely, with trips cancelled on short notice.

If cancellations arise, BC Transit says it looks to keep a “balanced schedule” to ensure all routes remain active, but with slightly less frequency.

Leading up to last weekend, an official tweet confirmed multiple trips on route 50 Langford/Downtown were cancelled for Saturday, January 22nd.

“BC Transit understands the impact these disruptions have on riders and does its best to notify customers immediately,” it said, noting cancellation alerts are posted regularly online to its website, NextRide tracking system, or Transit App.

The company says it’s working hard to match service with demand, prompting a recruitment call for more drivers. It’s encouraging those interested to apply online.

Last November, BC Transit implemented a vaccination policy for all employees and the employees of its contractors and operating companies.

It says the health and safety of customers and drivers is its top priority and urges all BC Transit employees to stay home if they feel unwell.

“This has been our policy since the beginning of the pandemic, along with enhanced bus and facility cleaning, mandatory masks for the entirety of the transit journey and one-way passenger flow on the bus,” BC Transit added.

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