VicPD Cruiser Downtown

Talk about a smooth criminal!

According to VicPD, they have arrested a suspect who shoplifted right in front of them at Mayfair Shopping Centre.

At approximately 12:40 p.m. on Tuesday, January 25th, two officers were speaking with staff at a store in Mayfair Shopping Centre regarding previous shoplifting incidents when another criminal struck.

Apparently, a store full of officers was not enough to deter another potential shoplifter!

Both officers were in full uniform, complete with shoulder crests, duty belts and “VICTORIA POLICE” emblazoned on their duty vests.

During their visit, one officer noticed a man walking quickly with their head lowered past the cash registers and out of the store.

The officers followed the man and stopped him, only to discover he had just stolen product from the store and had been hiding it under his jacket.

He was arrested without incident and the property was returned to the store.