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Camosun College designs foam tray to help safely transport syringes of COVID-19 vaccines


Transporting syringes of COVID-19 vaccines around BC has gotten a lot safer thanks to a new specially-designed foam tray.

The applied research department at Camosun College – Camosun Innovates – have designed and manufactured 200 foam trays for the BC Centre for Disease Control to distribute to various health authorities.

Once a COVID-19 vaccine vial is punctured it cannot be transported except in a syringe, and the new specially designed foam trays stop the doses from rolling around or the accidental depression of the plunger.

“Typically, the trays will be used to get the COVID-19 vaccine to facilities where smaller quantities, or one-off doses, are needed in people’s homes,” said Matt Zeleny, Applied Research Technologist.

“Specially designed and manufactured foam trays keep syringes containing the vaccine absolutely stable and protected,” adds Zeleny.

The foam trays are manufactured using a commercial-grade laser cutter located in the Babcock Interaction Lab on the college’s Interurban Campus

Camosun Innovates said the material is a chemically-resistant polyethylene closed-cell foam with each tray holding seven pre-drawn syringes. Each of the trays is designed to fit inside the standard portable cooler used by public health.

Other recent Camosun Innovates projects have included medical-grade face shields and portable decontamination devices to support front-line health care professionals during the pandemic.

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