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Ford on Fridays: bursting the bubble


I’ve determined that 2022 is going to be a landmark year for me. Literally.

It’ll be the third year of my moving to Victoria, and while I’ve learned a lot about the city, I feel like I still have a long way to go.

Part of this is down to the fact that we’re living in the midst of a doom plague, which has made moving about a tad difficult, especially for someone who doesn’t own a car. But I think Victoria — Greater Victoria, to be clear — is a city which can encourage bubbling.

“Bubbling,” in this case, refers to the behaviour we hoomans sometimes have isolating into little bubble communities. We’re creatures of habit. We like routine. Easy access to what we need. Familiar surroundings.

The problem is, with 13 municipalities crammed into the southeast tip of Vancouver Island, it can sometimes feel like we’re being pushed apart. I’m sometimes baffled by the fierce loyalty we feel to being “Oak Bay,” to “Langford,” to “Sidney,” etc. etc. etc.

Sure it may give us a sense of identity, but I worry we’re also making some pretty negative assumptions about the people around us — people who are, let’s face it, part of one larger whole city.

I’m as guilty as anyone on this. If I were to map out my current impressions of what Greater Victoria is, it would look something like this:

(map Public Domain provided by the City of Vancouver archives, with labels by Tim Ford)

I feel like at least SOME of those perceptions have to be wrong, right?


Well, whatever the case, I think the onus is on me, on all of us really, to be more alive to the world around us. I’m going to make it my mission to explore more of these places, really knuckle down into the identities of Metchosin or Highlands or Central Saanich. Find out what makes them tick.

It’ll be healthy, too! We have an incredibly bikeable city, and I can get into shape riding out to the Westshore, north to Sidney…

I just have to wait for the rain to stop.

The rain does stop, right?


Ah, screw this. I’ll be in my bubble.

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