We all love a good drive-thru.

You can grab your favourite coffee or indulge in a snack without leaving the comfort of your car. It’s quick, convenient and, with many restaurants introducing order ahead options, your experience is a breeze.

Now, Canada’s favourite drive-thru stops have been revealed!

According to Confused.com, Canada’s top drive-thru choice is Starbucks! Are we surprised? 

Every month, Canadians search for ‘Starbucks drive-thru’ an average of 33,100 times. Obviously, Canadians love their Starbucks and the ease of drive-thru and mobile ordering for their favourite caffeinated drink. 

Across Canada, Starbucks is the most popular drive-thru of every city on the list beside Montreal, which chooses McDonalds as their top spot!

McDonalds comes in second for Canada’s favourite option for the drive-thru with an average of 14,800 monthly searches to find the closest one.

KFC comes in third place with 1,600 monthly searches by Canadians looking to locate a drive-thru near them. 

In Victoria, locals agree with Canada’s top choice of favourite drive-thru with our preferred stop being Starbucks.

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