According to Tara Moss, her stolen wheelchair bag has been recovered! Two Victoria women found it dumped in a garbage can and returned it to her. Unfortunately, the bag was empty.


A local best selling author and disability advocate is seeking the public’s help after she had some very important belongings stolen from her Wednesday night.

Sometime during the night of January 26th, a thief broke into Tara Moss’ truck in the Victoria area which contained her wheelchair and a bag containing specialized wheelchair gloves. 

In a series of tweets Thursday afternoon, Moss explained that although her wheelchair was not taken, her wheelchair bag containing her gloves are now missing.

The leather bag, black with peacock feather art, held her wheelchair gloves, gloves that are difficult to get and could take many months to replace. 

Without them, Moss’ wheelchair use is affected significantly.

According to Moss, she has submitted a police report and has been trying to search for places her bag may have been dumped. Unfortunately, however, many areas the bag may have been ditched are not accessible to her by wheelchair. 

“Please return, no questions asked,” Moss tweeted.

If you see Moss’ missing bag, you are asked to contact VicPD at 250 995 7654.

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