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Island Health confirms their regional COVID-19 dashboard has been discontinued


Island Health has confirmed that they have discontinued updating their dashboard, which contained breakdowns of active cases by region on Vancouver Island.

The dashboard, which has not been updated since Christmas Eve, provided information on new cases, case exposures, active case and a breakdown of active cases by north, central and south island.

In an email statement to Victoria Buzz, Island Health said “with rapid kits being used for self testing, and with the prioritization of case and contact follow up being conducted for high-risk populations, Island Health’s data collection has changed.”

“While individuals are encouraged to self report their positive result to the BCCDC, we expect not everyone will. As a result, active case information broken down by Island Health regions is no longer an accurate reflection of the population as a whole.”

For these reasons, Island Health’s COVID-19 dashboard is no longer being updated.

The health authority also said that the data provided by the BCCDC has evolved and grown over time, and much of the information included in Island Health’s COVID-19 dashboard is now reported there – minus the regional breakdown.

In the last update of the dashboard on December 24th, southern Vancouver Island had 554 active cases, while central and northern Vancouver Island had 398 active COVID-19 cases.

Since that update, active cases on Vancouver Island have multiplied by nearly four times with 3,361 active cases now.

Here is the latest breakdown of where the active cases are located on Vancouver Island as of January 1st:

For all of the latest COVID-19 numbers, visit the BCCDC dashboard here.

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