(KFC Canada)

It’s finger lickin’ good… and it’s now plant-based! 

Just last week, KFC announced the launch of their expanded plant-based menu, giving those Canadians looking to reduce their meat consumption and play a part in more conscious eating habits something to indulge in.

On January 3rd, the popular chain released their Plant-Based Sandwich, Plant-Based Spicy Sandwich, Plant-Based Popcorn and Box Meal at KFC restaurants across the country. 

100% Canadian made, the new menu items are animal free, made with soy and wheat and coated in KFC’s famous herbs and spices. 

In addition to the new plant based menu, KFC’s potato bun, coleslaw, original recipe corn, mayo, BBQ sauce and plum sauce are also plant based extras! 

Victoria Buzz was able to sample some of the new menu items and we give it 2 wings up!

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