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Clear the snow from your vehicle before heading out!

After this week’s winter storm, Nanaimo RCMP warned motorists they would be on the lookout for “rolling snow forts”.

Police said “rolling snow forts” are vehicles in which their drivers have not taken the time to remove snow build up from their roofs.

If not properly cleared, remaining snow on a vehicle while in operation can be considered an insecure load under the Motor Vehicle Act.

In a media release, Constable Gary O’Brien said the traffic unit team are on the lookout for these vehicles as they can cause significant damage to unsuspecting motorists and threaten the safety of all others who share the same roadway.

Over the past twenty four hours, officers have cited several examples of these potentially dangerous vehicles in and around Nanaimo.

These drivers, young and old alike, have been provided with the tools and safe opportunity to clear the snow.

Although no tickets were issued in these instances, not clearing your car can potentially result in a $109 ticket and three penalty points under Section 195 (1) (b) of the Motor Vehicle Act, ‘Drive While View Obstructed’.

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“The Officers of the Nanaimo Municipal Traffic Unit patrol the streets and highways in all weather conditions, looking to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians,”  said O’Brien.

“The interaction they have had with motorists during the recent snowfall, is an example of their dedication to public safety as well as road safety education.” 

In a frightening incident last week, a pedestrian was struck while crossing a downtown Victoria intersection – and in dashcam footage of the hit-and-run, the vehicle involved could be seen covered in a heavy layer of snow – another stark reminder of the importance of clearing your vehicle of any snow or ice that may be obstructing your view.

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