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Six protestors arrested after blocking Douglas Street intersection Monday afternoon


Six old-growth logging protestors have been arrested after blocking a Douglas Street intersection Monday afternoon.

This marks the third week in a row where police have arrested demonstrators who are part of a new environmental group called Save Old Growth.

At approximately 3:30 p.m. on Monday, January 24th, VicPD officers and members of the Greater Victoria Public Safety Unit (GVPSU) attended the intersection of Douglas and Johnson Streets where the protestors had gathered and blocked the northbound lane on Douglas Street, disrupting traffic.

According to VicPD, six people were arrested for mischief as a result. 

Officers transported the arrested protestors to VicPD cells where they were later released with a court date and conditions. 

The group said they will continue to block the highway in the Victoria, Nanaimo and Vancouver areas with intentions of increasing the frequency and scale of actions until old-growth logging is stopped.

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