Greater Victoria’s major recycling facility has halted large-scale recycling this week due to an equipment breakdown.

In a media statement Wednesday, the Capital Regional District (CRD) said it will not be picking up recycling loads from commercial and residential sources, such as multi-family housing facilities.

Cascades Recovery on Bridge Street—the region’s primary sorting facility for recyclable materials— is unable to receive loads from all residential and commercial sources until further notice due to an equipment breakdown.

According to the CRD, curbside residential paper and package recycling will continue at this time. However, the regional district warns that delays due to staffing shortages and equipment challenges continue for residential pickups.

The CRD is encouraging commercial collectors in the region to consider short-term storage or delayed collection options with their customers where possible over the coming week.

Hartland Landfill will not be rejecting loads containing recyclable materials during this time, however, loads that do contain recyclable materials will be subject to fines under CRD Bylaw No. 3881.

“This temporary suspension is the latest in a series of disruptions and challenges that BC’s recycling industry has faced since November 2021 due to severe weather and the ongoing transportation, labour shortage and supply chain issues that have impacted many other sectors in the province,” the CRD said in its statement.

Residents and businesses are being asked to try and reduce the amount of packaging they use and to reuse what they can to cut back on the amount of materials going into the system.

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