Tuesday, May 28, 2024

BC Ferries implementing surcharge due to jump in fuel costs


BC Ferries is introducing a fuel surcharge on most routes next month and the rising cost of fuel is to blame.

Starting March 1st, ticket prices will climb by an average of one percent, the company announced Wednesday.

That means those travelling with their vehicle on Metro Vancouver – Vancouver Island routes will pay about 55 cents more, while an adult walk-on ticket will cost an extra 15 cents.

On various inter-island routes, tickets will cost around 20 cents more for a vehicle and 5 cents more for an adult.

For nearly two decades, BC Ferries says it’s been using fuel rebates and surcharges to manage fuel prices but notes that it doesn’t benefit financially.

“When fuel prices are lower, BC Ferries passes lower fuel prices on to customers through a fuel rebate. When fuel prices are higher, BC Ferries charges a fuel surcharge specifically designed to cover the additional cost of fuel,” BC Ferries said.

The fuel surcharge won’t apply to Port Hardy – Prince Rupert, Haida Gwaii, and Port Hardy – Central Coast routes, the company added.

Instead, for those routes, the current 1.5 percent fuel rebate will be removed on March 1st.

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