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Colwood ranks fifth for best work-from-home cities in Canada


The office environment has changed a lot in the last two years. 

Since 2020, many employers have switched to remote or hybrid working environments, shifting employees to a brand new working environment. 

The change, although implemented during a difficult time, has seen a lot of positive outcomes. For many, working from home became a preference. 

If you work remotely, you have more choice in where you live. So where is the best place to work remotely? 

According to a report by PGMag, Colwood has been ranked fifth in Canada for best work from home cities in Canada.

The remote-first organization says they have watched their staff shift to where they are more comfortable, inspiring the second edition of their Best Work From Home Cities list.

According to PGMag, reliable internet, enough space to work, green spaces to get out in, a dedicated space to work and a quiet environment are all important aspects of remote work—and some of the reasons employees prefer it over the standard office environment.

The organization uses the following data to create their list: 

  • Home prices from the Canadian Real Estate Association
  • Gigabit broadband verification from Ookla 
  • Broadband prices from Bell, Telus, Rogers, and TBayTel 
  • Nearby coworking spaces from Google Places 
  • Median home size from Statcan 
  • Median income from Statcan
  • Percentage of local workers in the arts from Statcan 
  • Proximity to a major metro area from Google

According to PGMag, one of the most important topics when discussing working from home in Canada is house prices, with the country’s current massive spike in real-estate prices. 

In Canada, Edmonton ranked the country’s #1 city for working from home, followed by  Moncton/Dieppe in second, Paradise in third, Halifax in fourth and Colwood in fifth. 

Do you enjoy working remotely, or do prefer to work from the office?

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