(Island Health)

The past two years have been especially difficult for healthcare professionals.

Across the world, hospitals and healthcare facilities have had to quickly adapt to new and existing challenges, new protocols and stresses.

Now, Newsweek.com has released their annual list of Canada’s best hospitals for the year 2022.

Every year, Newsweek consults a panel of healthcare experts to rank hospitals from around the world. These rankings become worldwide and country specific lists. 

The goal of the study is to provide the best data-based comparison of hospital reputations and performance across countries, so patients and families seeking care can make educated decisions on where they would like to do so.

In Canada, Toronto General-University Health Network topped the list at number 1, followed by three other Toronto hospitals. 

Of the top ten, 5 hospitals were located in Toronto, 3 in Montreal, 1 in Vancouver and 1 in Calgary. 

On Vancouver Island, Royal Jubilee ranked 15th on the list with a score of 71.55%. Victoria General Hospital came in 26th with a score of 67.72%.

You can see the full rankings of Canada’s hospitals here.

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