Erralyn Joseph’s life was changed forever last month, when she bet $5.25 on a Powerbucks slot machine at Casino Nanaimo and won over $2 million.

The odds of winning the Powerbucks jackpot on a $3 wager are approximately 1 in 25 million, but clearly luck was on her side. 

According to Joseph, her big win almost didn’t happen that night, as it wasn’t always the plan to go to the casino.

“We had gone to a restaurant earlier and decided to pop over to the casino,” Joseph said. 

“I was going to play Plinko, but on the other side of the floor I saw the Powerbucks slot machine. It was going to be one of my last plays of the night.”

Powerbucks-linked slot machines offer players the chance to trigger the Wheel Bonus and spin to win cash or the jackpot, which starts at $1-million and grows as players place bets across participating Canadian casinos.

On her third spin, Joseph saw she had triggered the bonus and all the arrows lined up, winning her a whopping $2,129,070.54!

“It all happened so fast, and the machine was going off saying $2.1-million. My husband and I were shocked and stunned,” Joseph said. 

“Once we realized how much we had won, I screamed. I don’t think we were on Earth at that time, we were just sort of floating in the air.”

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