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Record-breaking wave off Vancouver Island makes headlines on Saturday Night Live (VIDEO)


The 17.6-meter rogue wave recorded in the waters off Vancouver Island continues to make headlines, more recently being the brunt of a joke on Saturday Night Live.

The February 26th episode of the popular late-night sketch comedy show – often called “SNL” – saw Weekend Update segment host Colin Jost mention the record-breaking wave before signing off for the night.

“Researchers have observed a nearly 60-foot-tall rogue wave off the coast of British Columbia, which is the largest ever recorded,” said Jost. 

“Researchers believe the wave was generated when yo mama fell overboard,” he added with a smirk.

According to Victoria-based MarineLabs Data Systems, the rogue wave – also known as a “freak” or “killer” wave – was the most extreme ever, measuring as high as a four-story building.

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And while recorded in back November 2020, it became the subject of a scientific report published just last month and quickly sparked national media attention.

“According to Cision’s visibility reports as of February 23rd, 2022, the press release was published in 175 locations, exposed to 475,000 Twitter followers and reached an audience of 63 million viewers,” MarineLabs said Wednesday.

That company adds that rogue waves are “especially dangerous” because they occur unexpectedly and with tremendous force – often measuring double that of any surrounding waves.

Jost’s rogue wave bit starts at 5:10:

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