Talk about a big win!

Sooke resident Joan Hughes is $100,000 richer after winning the BCLC’s Luxury Crossword grand prize. 

Luxury Crossword requires players to scratch all the Call letters and Bonus letters before scratching all the letters found in puzzles 1 through 6 that match them.

Hughes purchased her ticket from Western Foods located in the Evergreen Centre mall and played her ticket when she returned home.

Hughes scratched and matched all 6 letters, beating the 1 in 750,000 odds and winning her the grand prize.

“I didn’t believe it,” she recalled of the moment she discovered she won. 

“I kept double-checking and then I called my daughter-in-law to come over to see the ticket.”

Hughes celebrated her win with her daughter-in-law over coffee and cake and plans to save her prize. 

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