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This ‘Freedom Convoy’ protestor’s vehicle got stuck in the mud at Beacon Hill Park (VIDEO)


Talk about a sticky situation…

One ‘Freedom Convoy’ protestor found themselves stuck in the middle this afternoon—of Beacon Hill Park, that is.

On Saturday, VicPD announced they would be blocking off an area in James Bay to ‘protest-related’ vehicles, though local traffic would still be allowed through.

“8 weeks of continuous disruptions involving vehicles, ‘slow-roll’ blockades & the use of horns, including modified air train & ship horns, had a significant & unlawful impact on residents & businesses in James Bay & the BC Legislature area,” said VicPD in a tweet.

Although unexpected, VicPD’s move to block off the James Bay area appeared to be effective, though at least one protest-related vehicle managed to nearly squeak through.

A tweet by one Victoria resident shows a photo of what appears to be one of the ‘Freedom Convoy’ protestors, with their vehicle stuck in a muddy grass area of Beacon Hill Park.

In the same Twitter thread, VicPD confirmed the driver was ticketed, and the vehicle was subsequently towed.

When VicPD made the announcement on today’s blocked off areas, they added that protestors would still be allowed to access the zone by foot, bicycle, public transit or other means.

“Related protest events in other cities has seen recent escalations including confrontations between protest groups and confrontations with police,” said VicPD.

“This requires us to increase our response to keep people safe, and continue to facilitate a safe, peaceful and lawful protest environment.”

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