(City of Victoria/Twitter)

As conflict ensues in Ukraine, Victoria city officials are standing in solidarity with the war-stricken country – taking steps to temporarily cut ties with its twin city in Russia.

This Thursday’s committee of the whole will see a member motion brought forward by city councillors Stephen Andrew, Charlayne Thornton-Joe and Geoff Young.

The trio is asking council to immediately suspend Victoria’s twin city relationship with Khabarovsk, Russia, after that country’s president, Vladimir Putin, launched “a full-scale invasion of Ukraine” on February 24th.

According to the city, it operates a twin city program as “a vehicle for wide-ranging interactions between people at all levels of society,” providing opportunities for locals “to experience other cultures through long-term community partnerships.”

In addition to Khabarovsk – a partnership established in 1990 – Victoria is also “twinning” with Napier, New Zealand; Suzhou, China; and Morioka, Japan.

“The City of Victoria stated, through the mayor, that we stand in solidarity with Ukraine against violence, war, and the unprovoked attack on the country,” stated the motion.

“The Canadian government and government of British Columbia posed significant sanctions on Russia,” the councillors added.

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