Although it may technically be spring, the weather on Vancouver Island is keeping us on our toes. 

Last week, we saw sun, rain and wind, with a wind warning being issued for Friday evening. 

What no one saw coming, however, was a spring snowfall this past weekend. 

Overnight Saturday, Shawnigan Lake was hit the hardest, with snowfall also recorded in Duncan, Bear Mountain and some other areas of Langford. 

Low temperatures were also recorded across Victoria, with Sunday morning temperatures the lowest recorded in more than 100 years. 

At 6 a.m. on April 10th, a low of 1.8°C was recorded at Victoria-Gonzales. 

The lowest temperature recorded for the day was 0.06°C in 1903, followed by 1.7°C in 1902.

Here are 10 photos of the weekend’s surprise spring snowfall:




April snowfall in Shawnigan Lake ❄️ 🥴Photo by Kevin Roth

Posted by Victoria Buzz on Sunday, April 10, 2022



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