It’s April Fools Day!

Which means, until noon, everyone is on high alert. 

What is real? What can you believe?

It’s all in good fun, and this year Victoria businesses stepped it up to share some hilarious jokes, interesting creations and shocking news.

Here is a roundup of our favourite April Fools Day jokes by local Victoria businesses:

Whistle Buoy

Looks like Whistle Buoy deliveries may be delayed for a while…

Loyal Tea Victoria

The perfect sweet and spicy drink, the Sriracha Boba tea. A game changer.

Ritual Nordic Spa

Start your day off with some frostbite!

Victoria Fire 730

Fire season is on the way and the firefighters with Victoria Fire 730 are ready!

Empire Donut


Do you want to eat dinner and dessert at the same time? Check out Empire Donut’s mashed potato and gravy donut ASAP!

Chatime Canada

Nothing sounds more refreshing than a cilantro slush. Try it today with aloe vera or coconut jelly!

Sweet and Dandy Cotton Candy

Had enough sweets? Try a savoury cotton candy. 

Sweet and Dandy will actually be selling their Shepards Pie cotton candy from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Harewood Plaza Liquor Plus in Nanaimo so you can trick your friends!

49 Below and The Root Cellar

The collaboration we have been waiting for. 

49 Below and The Root Cellar teamed up to create a smooth and tangy ice cream featuring the Root Cellar’s famous green sauce!

Driftwood Brewery

Feeling adventurous? The pork belly dumpling martini is sure to be unique.

Down to Earth Nursery

Have you ever dreamed of growing a donut garden? Stop by Down to Earth Nursery to get your donut seeds ASAP before the donut growing season is over.

Supplement King Victoria

Did you miss breakfast but don’t want to miss out on your gains? Try BAE, the new flavour or pre-workout featuring bacon and eggs.

Leopolds Tavern


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Take your poutine to go with Leopold’s Tavern’s poutine pops!

Victoria Buzz (yes us) even had to get involved in a little bit of the fun.

The reason is seriously shocking! 😲

Posted by Victoria Buzz on Friday, April 1, 2022

Do you ever comment on a post before actually reading the whole story? Turns out, you’re not alone. 

We tested the theory that many readers go ahead and comment after only reading the headline—were you one of them?

Although not specific to Victoria, some big Canadian brands also announced their April Fools jokes:

Dominos Canada

Pineapple is always heavily debated in the pizza world, so why not introduce an entire pineapple bowl?

McDonald’s Canada

McDonalds went for nostalgia this April Fools, with a millennial Happy Meal. 

Off to McDonalds hoping this one is real…

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