Comox Valley Wildlife Sightings

They’re calling it the “best encounter ever.”

Nicky Smiley and a group of marine enthusiasts were in for quite a surprise Sunday evening after spotting a pod of five orcas within Comox Marina, next to docked boats.

It was such a thrill, Smiley made sure to capture the rare up-close sighting on camera and share it on her Facebook page, Comox Valley Wildlife Sightings (CVWS), for all to see.

“Experiencing this was so amazing; there was such a feeling of connection at that moment,” Smiley told Victoria Buzz.

“They were under the water looking at us as we looked at them. My heart was racing with excitement and respect for these amazing beings.”

According to Smiley, she and her daughter Ella launched CVWS seven years ago. The page has since grown a fan base of thousands, with multiple wildlife sightings posted daily.

Smiley says the latest orca spotting was T049A1 Noah, his aunt T049B, and cousins T049B2, T049B3 and T049B4.

“To be honest, I felt totally emotional; we were in such awe of these beautiful, intelligent beings. They contain so much power, yet glide gently by hardly breaking the water’s surface,” she added.

Without further ado, here’s Smiley’s video:

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