(Ethan Morneau/Victoria Buzz)

VicPD have revealed the overtime costs related to the “Freedom Convoy” protests which took place between January and April, and they are shocking.

According to the report, the demonstrations, which took place over a 9-week period, resulted in a total of $385,947.25 in accrued overtime costs.

As these events occurred at the BC Legislature, overtime costs have been covered by the province. This total does not include response by on-duty resources across VicPD including patrol and traffic officers.

The protests saw large numbers of vehicles and groups of people gathering at the Legislature daily. 

Despite protest groups’ intentions to occupy the area and tension between protest and counter-protest groups and impacts on nearby businesses, the protest resulted in no injuries or significant property damage. 

In addition, no occupation occurred.

Over 50 tickets were issued under the Motor Vehicle Act, as well as dozens of Notice of Order, four City of Victoria “honking” bylaw citations and three arrests.

“Our continued thanks to James Bay area residents who have borne the brunt of the disruptions, including significant traffic disruptions and the unlawful use of vehicle horns, including modified air, ship and train horns mounted to vehicles,”  said Chief Del Manak.

“Officers continue to respond to dangerous or unlawful acts during protests with de-escalation and enforcement.”

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