Oneness Heart Park (Ethan Morneau / Victoria Buzz)

A Victoria man’s idea to plant hope is blossoming into something bigger, and he’s calling on the community for help in making it happen. 

Sahasi Erven wants to build the world’s largest flag of flowers this summer, featuring 100,000 pots of blue and yellow plants in solidarity with war-torn Ukraine. 

It follows Erven’s feat from last month, which saw a display of hundreds of primulas matching the Ukraine flag planted within a garden he calls Oneness Heart Park.

His unique garden bed at the corner of Princess Avenue and Chambers Street in Fernwood is now in bloom and going 15 years strong—only this year, it’s flooded in blue and yellow.

“It’s really mesmerizing. It was just a message of love,” the 64-year-old told Victoria Buzz, noting the bed measures over 150 sq. ft.

“It just gives people a lot of joy,” he said.

It’s this positive feedback that ultimately prompted Erven to strive for more and break records along the way.

Flag of 100,000 flowers planned

Erven recently launched a website,, encouraging the community to grow or supply yellow and blue flowering plants in pots to contribute to the giant flag of flowers.

“The whole thing is progressing because we need time to grow plants. The idea is if we can get the word out and get people inspired, they will have tremendous joy doing it,” he said. 

Participants can share how many plants they’re supplying via an online form and then watch the online plant tally grow. Over 3,000 have been registered so far, according to the website.

“This is a participation project,” said Erven.

“Humanity is evolving; we’re evolving. And I’m very optimistic about the future, I really believe the oneness of humanity will become greater and greater, and these wars will disappear.”

While Erven realizes it’s a big project, he’s hoping it will spread worldwide. “Because people will see the love coming from us,” he added.

“The idea is to bring awareness to building this. Hopefully, the war’s over tomorrow, but Ukraine will not be back to normal tomorrow—that will take a long time.”

Eyeing June 20th for flag assembly day, Erven says the tentative location is Ecole George Jay Elementary School on Cook Street.

More details can be found online here.