(Frickin' Delights Donuts)

It’s always a good day when we hear there’s a new hot spot for baked goods in the city.

Frickin’ Delights Donuts, originally from Alberta, are now open in YYJ—in their sweet little spot on Yates Street.

The confectionery company, founded in 2013 by a husband and wife duo, began selling from a converted laundry room in Devon, Alberta. In 2017, they opened a brick and mortar location which saw people driving from all over just to get their hands on the delicious baked goods.

Frickin’ Delights donuts not only look delicious, they’re also 100% vegan, made fresh daily, and come in a large variety of different flavours.

They use ingredients like local wholegrain flour, applesauce, soft brown sugar, sea salt and coconut milk, and their donuts are dairy free and egg free—meaning they’re safe for those with those allergies.

The donut shop confirmed on Facebook Friday that their new spot at 632 Yates Street is officially open.

“We’re open and grateful to say that this morning. I thought by the time I posted this, I’d have something clever to say. I don’t so I’ll tell you about Lemon Poppyseed and how this donut started it all,” the Facebook post read.

Posting a photo of a Lemon Poppyseed, the post continued on to say “9 years ago, this was my first attempt at donuts. They looked like logs and were soggy and left everyone I worked with on the night shift as a nursing assistant with gut aches and an honest oath to never eat anything I ever made again.”

“Then in July 2013 I stood at the first farmers market that would have me and while they tasted a bit better, they looked like onion rings and the glaze looked like jam,” the Facebook post continued.

“This morning is a dream come true for us. The cold ocean air, the seagulls squawk and the street cleaners greeted us at 3:30 am. Our first customers greeted us with warm well wishes and beautiful sentiments.”

With flavours like Chocolate Earl Grey, Coffee Crisp and Apple Cider, we can’t wait to check them out for ourselves—which flavour are you most excited to try?!

Frickin’ Delights Donuts

  • Where: 632 Yates Street
  • Hours: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday, closed Monday’s
  • Social Media: Facebook

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