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Call it a goose chase gone viral.

A TikTok video shows North Saanich’s Cait Oakley scare off an eagle just as it was snatching her pet Sebastopol goose named Franky.

The Monday commotion, captured on home surveillance, came in the midst of Cait breastfeeding her four-month-old baby girl Willow.

Posted two days ago by her husband Mike, the video has already surpassed 8.7 million views, with nearly 675,000 likes and over 8,000 comments.

“We were just winding down for the night,” Cait told Victoria Buzz.

“We heard Franky at the front door, and just like a mom knows different baby cries, I know Frankie’s cries. I knew that she was alerting us that something was going on. Her being at the front door, I knew she was in distress.”

With mother knowing best, Cait ran out the door, baby in her arms. That’s when the eagle latched onto Franky’s neck and attempted to fly away.

Down to her underwear, Cait is heard yelling “Hey!” multiple times in the video.

“It was startled by me and started dragging her up the driveway, and then I just ran after her. The eagle let go, and Frankie ran back to the door,” she recalled.


We have lost 3 chickens in the last week from what I was told was eagles which I believed hawks were preying on them but watch Frankie (our female goose) get taken. Mama bear mid breast feeding protecting her sweet Frankie. Officially living at a zoo 🦅 #nature #geese #eagle #eagleattack #yyj #victoriabc #eagles #mamabear #geeseofinstagram #eaglesofinstagram #canadasnature #naturechannel

♬ original sound – Mike + Cait

Cait and Mike call one-year-old Franky and her partner Gerald “alert geese.”

“Franky’s notorious for coming to our front door when something’s in the yard that shouldn’t be there,” Cait said. “In this case, it was an eagle.”

But it’s an all too common problem for the couple.

“We’ve had eagles take chickens; we’ve had a hawk take a chicken. We’ve had a raccoon break into the coop one night and come after Franky, and she again came to the front door and started squawking at 3 a.m.”

Still, this latest rescue is one for the books. Reflecting on the TikTok, Cait says she’s blown away by the love and support.

“I think it’s just super comical and just a testament to moms that we’re always on alert about everything going on in the household,” she added with a laugh.

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