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Creepy 3D walkthrough of Saanich home for sale goes viral on TikTok (VIDEO)


A house listed for sale in Saanich has gone viral on TikTok, after a user took a virtual 3D tour and posted it online for everyone to see. 

The house, located on Hawthorne Street in Gordon Head, was listed just under a week ago for $799,000. 

Shortly after, TikTok user @bobbiecurtislee noticed the listing on Zillow and decided to take a 3D tour of the property for her followers, adding to her other videos where she explores the scary, spooky and unexplained.

Immediately, the vibes were creepy.

The now-viral video takes you through the 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home, revealing various splatterings across the walls and deep stains in both the carpets and floor.

The tour explores eerie unfinished rooms, crumbling, stained bathrooms, and an overall dirty and rusty environment.

In one instance, the TikTok user says the home feels familiar, and compares it to a level in a horror video game. 

Upon entering the kitchen on the second floor, she says it “looks like someone was dragged while being on fire”. 

Since being posted, and at the time of publishing, the video has reached almost half a million views, 50k likes and has been shared nearly 1,800 times.

As of May 18th, the house’s real estate page lists the property as sold pending deposit and no further showings to be scheduled. 

Want to check out the listing for yourself?

Check out the video below, if you’re brave enough!

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