It may come as no surprise gas prices are up again in Greater Victoria, climbing over $2 per litre on Wednesday.

According to GasBuddy, most service stations across the region are charging around 197.9 cents per litre today, but some have hiked prices up to 209.9.

Still, the price tracker lists the current average gas price in Victoria at just over 199.6 cents per litre, behind March 9th when the average price jumped to 208.6.

Record-high prices at the pumps come amid international supply chain disruptions brought on by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to BC officials.

“People are facing increased costs through no fault of their own, but as a chain reaction that started with (President Vladimir) Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine,” said Premier John Horgan.

But some relief is on the way.

Starting this month, BC drivers are expected to get a one-time rebate to help ease any financial burden—something Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth called “an opportunity to put money back in the pockets of the hardworking people.”

In March, it was announced that most ICBC customers who had a basic auto insurance policy in February would be eligible for a $110 rebate, with commercial customers receiving a rebate of $165.

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Eligible drivers can expect to receive their rebate in May if they are registered for direct deposit with ICBC or as a refund to their credit card, as all other customers receive cheques in June.

The relief rebate should cost the government around $395 million and follows two COVID-19 rebates issued by ICBC last year.

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