Someone on Vancouver Island is now $1-million richer!

When Ladysmith resident Cheryl Gourley played her Powerbucks spin on Playnow.com, she couldn’t believe her luck.

Her spin had landed on the $1-million prize!

“I won these free spins, and the wheel came up and the needle started spinning and then there was a big flash that I won,” said Gourley. 

“I saw the amount and I was just like ‘I won!’ I started jumping up and down with my laptop screaming! My nephews ran out of their rooms thinking something had happened to me. One of my nephews was like ‘auntie, hand me the computer!’”

Gourley quickly messaged her friend to share the big news, who was delighted and said it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person . 

When asked what she plans on doing with her winnings, Gourley says the money will give her and her son some financial security. She also plans to put some toward her travel and retirement plans.

Powerbucks is the first progressive slot jackpot where players have the chance to become a millionaire by playing slot games in BC casinos, online at PlayNow.com or on mobile. 

The $1-million plus progressive jackpot is linked across Canada, allowing for the jackpot to climb faster. 

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