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New bike and nature park coming to Saanich after 1.85-acre property generously donated by resident


A Saanich resident has donated his family’s 1.85-acre property to be redeveloped into a future bike and nature park.

Edward (Ted) Wilson has lived on the unique property at 731 Burnside West his entire life, and now, after his donation, it will be subdivided into two portions.

The southern portion, adjacent to the Galloping Goose Regional Trail, will be developed into a new youth bike skills park.

According to a release, staff will put forward a request of approximately $200,000 for Council to consider as part of the 2023 budget process to fund the bike park construction. 

The northern, wooded area with second growth forest will be protected as part of Saanich’s urban forest. 

“Mr. Wilson has given our community a tremendous and valuable gift of green space that is wonderfully rich in forest and open spaces to encourage active lifestyles,” said Mayor Fred Haynes. 

“On behalf of Saanich, I thank him for his generosity and thoughtfulness. His gift adds significantly to our parks and brings real benefit for all our residents with increased recreation opportunities and an enhanced urban forest.”

The District of Saanich will hold this ‘preservation parcel’ in trust and has granted a life estate to Mr. Wilson. 

This means he may continue residing in the existing single-family residence on the property until the life estate expires. 

After this, Saanich will dictate the parcel as a park space and preserve its natural state, incorporating Mr. Wilson’s mothers family name of Wenden incorporated.

“It’s a pleasure for me to know the property will continue to be enjoyed by generations to come,” said Wilson.

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