(Nanaimo RCMP)

The owner of an overturned Kayak found floating in a Nanaimo river earlier this week has come forward, revealing the story behind the incident. 

On May 24th, an overturned kayak was found floating in a Nanaimo river, prompting a search for a possible missing person.

Nanaimo RCMP quickly released a statement to the public, in hopes they could identify the rightful owner. 

Now, the owner of the kayak has come forward. 

According to Allison Wasserman, she and her family had set out around noon on Sunday, May 22nd and had put their kayaks in the river just below Cedar bridge. 

A short time later, she ran into some trouble and ended up being flipped out of her kayak. 

Wasserman was able to make her way out of the water and up onto the shore, however she did suffer from some bruising and cuts as a result of the incident. 

According to Wasserman, the water was moving fast and the kayak was stuck under some log booms so she decided to not go back for it and, instead, leave it in place. 

The water levels in the river were expected to fall on Wednesday so she planned on retrieving her kayak then. 

However, before she could do so, Wasserman learned her misadventure had made its way onto the local news, with the public fearing someone who had been in the kayak had not made it out of the river safely. 

On Wednesday, Asserman called the RCMP to share her story and clear the air.

“I am so embarrassed but yet extremely grateful to know that there are so many first responders who are trained and ready to respond to these kinds of situations,” said Wasserman. 

“I realize now that I should have reported it but with everything happening it just slipped my mind. I would though like to extend a heartfelt thank you and a sincere apology to all of the first responders who attended. I have learned a valuable lesson.”

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