(West Shore RCMP)

Police in Langford are investigating and seeking public help after old-growth activists were caught on camera chucking manure at Premier John Horgan’s constituency office Wednesday morning.

At 9:30 a.m., West Shore RCMP responded to a mischief report involving around five people who were spotted dumping the feces on the steps of Horgan’s Jacklin Road office.

Signs were also placed in a manure pile and posted on the front doors, according to police, who note the suspects fled before officers arrived on scene.

This morning, Save Old Growth said its members dumped the pile at 9 a.m. because they’re “tired of the Horgan NDP government inaction to protect old-growth forests.”

According to the activist group, the soiled surprise came following a BC government campaign promise to implement all 14 recommendations of the old-growth strategic review panel.

“The premier himself promised a ‘paradigm shift’ for the forestry industry in BC, an overdue and necessary step in protecting old-growth,” said activist Alexi Hu. 

“Instead, we’re continuing the same outdated, crappy policies and practices we’ve had for decades.”

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Save Old Growth is calling for legislation to immediately end all old-growth logging in the province and says the BC government’s “inaction amounts to negligence when addressing climate chaos.”

West Shore RCMP has released security camera footage along with several photos of the suspects in the act, asking anyone who recognizes them or the associated vehicle to call (250) 474-2264.

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