If you haven’t been entirely satisfied with where you live lately, you may not be alone.

According to a new report by Statistics Canada, residents of British Columbia have the lowest life satisfaction rate of any Canadian province.

The data, released on June 9th, identifies six factors that contribute to individual quality of life: life satisfaction, sense of meaning and purpose, future outlook, loneliness, having someone to count on, and belonging to the local community.

The chart compares overall life satisfaction across the provinces. In BC, only 46.5% of residents gave their life satisfaction a rating of 9 or 10, 31.9% ranked theirs a 6 or 7 and 21.6% gave a ranking between 0 and 5.

Compared to Newfoundland, which ranked the highest life satisfaction of all the provinces, 61.7% of residents gave their life satisfaction a rating of 9 or 10, 25% between 6 or 7 and 13.2% between 0 and 5.

According to the data, BC has the lowest sense of meaning and purpose reported by residents, with only 53% of people in BC say they have a strong sense of meaning and purpose.

The highest sense of meaning and purpose was found in Quebec (67%) and Atlantic Canada (61%).

Overall, rural areas of the country saw the highest rating of meaning and purpose (69%), with urban areas only scoring 58%. 

When asked how often they had a hopeful outlook, 60.2% of BC residents said they always or often had one.

When it comes to loneliness, 51.1% of British Columbians said they rarely feel lonely, 34.2% said they sometimes do and 14.8% said they always do. 

Reports of loneliness in Manitoba and Ontario were higher than BC.

You can see the full data here.