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Movie night just got a little more expensive.

Cineplex has introduced a $1.50 ‘booking fee’ for online ticket purchases to “fund the expansion and improvement of our digital infrastructure,” the company announced.

The media giant says the fee applies to all purchases made via the Cineplex website or mobile app but is discounted to $1 for Scene+ members and waived entirely for CineClub members.

According to Cineplex, guests who purchase their tickets in-theatre, at ticketing kiosks, box office, or concession won’t be charged the booking fee either.

That didn’t stop an outpouring of online backlash.

Many took to social media to share their disapproval of the ticket price hike, including one Twitter user who called it “corporate greed at its finest,” as another summed it up as a “not smart” move.

However, online booking fees are nothing new to the entertainment industry and have been in place for many years with “exhibition counterparts globally,” Cineplex explains.

“They are also commonplace in almost all other ticketed entertainment venues, including concerts, plays, and live sporting events,” a company spokesperson told Victoria Buzz.

“Based on the percentage of ticket cost and fee cost, we remain one of the lowest in the entertainment space,” they added.

Cineplex has three locations across Greater Victoria, including Cineplex Odeon Victoria Cinemas downtown, SilverCity Victoria Cinemas at Tillicum Centre and Cineplex Odeon Westshore Cinemas in Langford.

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