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Here’s an interactive list of dog friendly businesses in Greater Victoria (MAP)


A Victoria resident took matters into her own hands when trying to find out where in town she could take her dog with her—and the solution can be used by everyone!

As the weather gets warmer, everyone is getting outside to soak in the sun’s rays. 

And for those with pets at home, bringing them along can make the day even better. 

Because what’s better than enjoying a patio date with a friend than bringing your furry friend along as well?

To help you plan those special days out, locally owned CommuniCanine Training and Behavioural Counselling has created the Dog Friendly Business list, a comprehensive guide of almost 500 businesses across Greater Victoria.

The list is sorted alphabetically by business name, type of business, and region, allowing users to search for coffee shops, restaurants, retail and more that will allow their furry friend to tag along.

The list was created in 2013 by Darcie Jennings, founder, head trainer and problem behaviour specialist with more than 23 years and thousands of hours of training under her belt.

CommuniCanine reminds the public that although the businesses mentioned may be dog friendly, some of their shoppers might not be. 

Be courteous and respectful, keep your dog on a leash beside you and under control at all times. 

And don’t forget, Dogs have an average body temperature of 39°C, and a short time in a hot environment can quickly raise their temperature to 41°C which can potentially lead to the risk of brain damage and even death.

You can see the full list/map here!

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