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Here’s where you can send Saanich PD and VicPD well-wishes following Tuesday’s bank incident


On Tuesday, June 28th, a fatal bank shooting occurred at the BMO on Shelbourne Street in Saanich.

The incident saw two armed suspects shot and killed by police, and six GVERT officers suffering gunshot wounds, three of whom still remain in hospital, some with serious injuries requiring surgery.

The GVERT team was comprised of three officers from the Victoria Police detachment, and three officers from the Saanich Police detachment.

The area surrounding the incident remains behind police tape as authorities continue to investigate.

In multiple photos and videos posted online, a large group of officers, including a K9 unit, can be seen running towards active gunfire within the bank.

Miraculously, there were no injuries to any of the staff or civilians within the bank during the incident.

Local leaders have commended police officers’ courage and selflessness, and the general public has flocked to social media to share their praise and support of the officers’ bravery.

Now, we at Victoria Buzz have created a ‘guestbook‘, so to speak, where well wishes and thoughts for Saanich PD and VicPD can be shared.

If you’re looking to show your support for the officers involved in this incident, you can access the guestbook online.

We will forward this page and all of its comments to the Saanich and Victoria Police detachments.

We at Victoria Buzz send our heartfelt thoughts to all police, first responders, bank staff, and everyone involved in this incident.

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