It’s no secret that many Victorians are struggling to make ends meet, living to paycheque to paycheque and placed into increasingly precarious situations.

In fact, one in 11 families in the Greater Victoria Region are considered low-income—and, alarmingly, over 14% of all local children currently live in poverty.

Amid all of the above, rental and housing costs have increased, putting more families at risk of homelessness and making homeownership less accessible.

There’s also job loss, food insecurity, housing instability and the ever-rising rates of mental health challenges that Victorians have to worry about.

So, how can you help?

You can make a difference in the life of a neighbour’s family!

United Way Southern Vancouver Island has launched their Help A Neighbour campaign, which connects local needs with local hearts—like the 50,000 people in the Capital Regional District who are facing food insecurity.

The campaign features an interactive map, allowing people to look up their community—where local data will show information on how neighbours in your community may face additional barriers.

You can see right on the map how much good you can do by supporting your neighbours, through programs and initiatives powered locally by United Way.

You could make a donation today knowing that you’re changing a neighbour’s life—from youth struggling with mental health to isolated seniors, you can help your neighbours when they need it most.

United Way looks to raise $300,000 to fund critical services and supports in the community, and the impact of this fund could reach 15,000 individuals in our region—you can donate here!

Allan’s story

“Food security is family security.”

Allan, a dad of three girls and four boys, with ages ranging from six months to 15 years old is currently unemployed due to COVID-19 layoffs. The family is relying on his partner’s single income. Like many lower-and limited-income families, Allan and his partner were finding it challenging to provide nutritious meals for their children while balancing increasing household expenses.

Thanks to a free food market provided by Oaklands Community Centre, a United Way funded partner, Allan and his family now receive an extra batch of groceries that has been critical to their well-being. The food from the free market has eased some of the financial pressure and allowed Allan to better manage their budget by supplying the family with more than two days’ worth of meals a week.

“Food security is family security,” Allan shares. “If there isn’t food security, it increases anxiety, and stress levels for everybody go up.”

A bit of help today, can turn into something bigger in the long run. Transform a life right here, right now, just like Allan’s, by donating today.

United Way’s Help a Neighbour Campaign

Donate online here

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