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Across Vancouver Island, many are looking for ways to support Ukraine as its people try to fend off a Russian invasion.

On February 24th, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion on Ukraine after years of political tension.

The Russian invasion has displaced millions of civilians from their homes, and thousands have been killed in the conflict.

Now, the City of Langford has announced their next steps in supporting and assisting communities in Ukraine. 

On Wednesday, the City of Langford announced their new partnership with GlobalMedic, an experienced Canadian charity that has responded to the ongoing crisis and supported vulnerable families in Ukraine and neighbouring countries since 2014. 

The partnership will provide aid and support to the victims of the humanitarian crisis. 

The effort, launched by the city and GlobalMedic, will focus on food security in a heavily affected Ukrainian city. 

Volunteers, as well as hired Ukrainians will prepare and distribute meals and meal kits to displaced peoples and local families who are facing barriers to access food due to the ongoing crisis. 

The secondary focus of the effort will be donation of much needed gear for firefighting and rescues to GlobalMedic’s sister charity, Global Fire. 

The local relief team, which will be heading to Ukraine at the end of the month, consists of Langford Mayor Stew Young, Langford Fire Chief (Retired) Bob Beckett, GlobalMedic volunteer Shawn Carby and a volunteer videographer. 

“The City of Langford has stood with the people of Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict,” said Mayor Stew Young.

“Partnering with GlobalMedic gives us an opportunity to have a direct impact on the lives of Ukrainians who have demonstrated immense courage and resolve in the face of horrifying aggression from Russia,”

The team will depart at the end of June to an undisclosed location, immediately beginning work to distribute food and supplies to the impacted city. 

The location will remain undisclosed until the team has safely returned to Canada. 

Following a successful Langford Supports Ukraine Committee initiative which aimed to support refugees settling in the West Shore

The City of Langford has also set a new fundraising goal of $300,000, following a successful Langford Supports Ukraine Committee initiative which aimed to support refugees settling in the West Shore area.

For more information, you can visit the City of Langford’s website

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