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Plan the perfect playdate for your pooch with this all-new BC-based app


Calling all local pet owners!

Ever wonder how you can connect with like-minded people who love their furry friends as much as you do? Don’t worry, now there’s an app for that.

Doggy Date is a community for pet owners in BC, and it’s a fun mix of an online social media app that also offers the chance for live dog park group meetups.

The all-new completely free app has a feed just like Instagram, where you have the option to simply post your pet pics and videos on the feed for others to like and comment on.

‘Swipe right’ for pet playdates

(Doggy Date)
(Doggy Date)

When you sign up, you create your profile AND your pet’s profile. 

You’ll also have the chance to ‘swipe right’ on profiles to make new friends—so when you see someone interesting, or someone who has a pet you like, you can swipe to send them a friend request!

The app is for all pet owners, so your relationship status doesn’t matter—it’s a place for anyone that wants to consume cute pet content (who doesn’t?!) or make new friends with pet owners and their pets.

Once you’re friends with someone, you can DM each other. If you’re in a relationship but want to check out the cute pet pics, no problem, just choose relationship status ‘i’m just here for the dogs’. 

Your ‘feed’ will be populated by posts from users who are in your same city or region, making the app as local as it gets! You’ll never be interacting with people who are far away, so if you’re in Victoria, you’ll see posts from people in Victoria and the surrounding areas.

(Doggy Date)

You can download the FREE Doggy Date app for Apple and Android here and don’t worry—cat people are welcome, too!

Doggy Date will also be hosting events across BC this summer, like local dog park meet ups where we pets and their owners can come to mingle—make sure you keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram for more info!

Doggy Date 

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