Winter Solstice sunset at Macaulay Point Park (Heather K Jones Photography)

We’re halfway through June and the sun finally got the memo!

According to Environment Canada’s forecast, temperatures will climb throughout the week,  starting on Monday with sun and clouds and a high of 18 degrees.

The warm weather doesn’t stop there though. On Tuesday and Wednesday, temperatures will reach 20 degrees, but the clouds will be sticking around.

On Thursday, the clouds clear, and temperatures climb to 24 degrees on Friday, 26 degrees on Saturday and 25 degrees on Sunday.

If you have been dreaming of the sun finally coming out of hiding, this week is for you.

Get outside, remember your SPF and take it all in.

According to the forecast, the sun will continue throughout most of next week and into the Canada Day long weekend.

What are your plans now that the sun is finally making an appearance?