We all love a good night out, but it means something very different for each person. 

For some, a night out on the town means enjoying delicious food and drinks, for others it means dancing the night away in a nightclub.

A good city has a mix of both. So where does Victoria rank compared to other Canadian cities?

According to a new ranking, which analysed 2,048 reviews from city locals and 4,431 reviews from tourists via TripAdvisor, Victoria is well known for its nightlife, including music venues, nightclubs, casinos and bars/pubs. 

Downtown Victoria tied 5th with Vancouver’s Chinatown in the ‘Best Neighbourhood for a Night Out’ ranking by locals, and tourists ranked the city 6th.

When it comes to the City of Victoria, locals voted it 2nd best city for a night out on the town, while tourists voted it number 1!

When broken down by category, locals voted the city 7th for music venues, while tourists voted it 3rd. 

Locals and tourists ranked Victoria 3rd for nightclubs, meanwhile, the city clocked in at 4th for casinos as voted by locals, and 6th by tourists.

However, when it comes to bars and pubs, both locals and tourists ranked Victoria’s variety and selection 1st place! 

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You can see the full ranking here.

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