Tuesday, June 18, 2024

CRD reminding visitors to ‘be respectful’ after trash left behind at Thetis Lake


People looking to cool off at Thetis Lake are reminded to pack their trash with them, after pool noodles to beer cans were found littered at the park this past weekend.

“We always encourage visitors to be respectful…” said Capital Regional District (CRD) senior manager Andy Orr. “As for the garbage, park staff will follow up.”

Twitter user Antje recently posted the aftermath online, saying the photos were taken on Sunday, June 26th, after most beachgoers left.

“Towels, cups, chip bags, pool noodles, clothes, beer cans, etc. And this is just what I saw from the trail, didn’t investigate further,” they wrote.


The CRD says Thetis Lake Regional Park is not only one of its most visited regional parks but also one of its largest, with over 40 kilometres of trails plus beaches and picnic areas.

CRD officials say improper disposal of unwanted items is unsightly, increases health and environmental risks and sends a message that illegal activity is allowed.

“This was the first busy weekend of the year with the weather heating up,” Orr told Victoria Buzz, noting that just like in past years, park rangers and bylaw officers will have an “increased presence” at Thetis Lake again this summer.

It comes to “reduce non-compliance with the park’s regulations, and to address hazardous behaviours (e.g., cliff jumping, drinking, etc.) before accidents can happen,” according to Orr.

“This reduces the burden on other municipal response agencies.”

Orr says that in 2021, park rangers and bylaw officers spent 1,360 and 957 hours, respectively, patrolling Thetis Lake during the peak season, which resulted in no major incidents or call-outs for municipal resources.

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