Victoria motorists are kicking off the work week feeling the pain at the pumps, as local fuel prices climb and break records.

Several gas stations across the capital region, including Chevron’s Hillside Avenue location, are charging 234.9 cents per litre for regular gas on Monday, June 6th.

That beats a previous record set on May 16th when stations in the region were asking 232.9 cents per litre, according to GasBuddy. 

The gas price tracker currently lists the average fuel price in Victoria at 225.3 cents per litre, 3.3 cents higher than Sunday but cheaper than Vancouver’s average of 234.2 cents per litre.


But the hike comes as no surprise to Dan McTeague. Yesterday, the gas price analyst and founder took to Twitter saying gas prices were rising across Canada.

 “It will go higher,” wrote McTeague.

In BC, provincial officials say record-high prices come amid international supply chain disruptions brought on by Russia’s invasion of war-torn Ukraine.

“We’ve seen inflation and runaway costs because of [Russian President] Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine,” Premier John Horgan said days before the May 16th price hike.

“The consequences of that are destabilized markets, and it’s not just British Columbia or Alberta or Canada that’s affected by this; this is an international phenomenon.”

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